The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm

Pickin' and Painting

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Aug 3 (Sat)     10am – noon                      Cody Woody                       Americana/Acoustic Country/Bluegrass
Aug 3 (Sat)     12:30pm                               Finally Sound                      Folk Rock/Country/Jazz
Aug 4 (Sun)    10am – noon                      A Human named David       Pianist/Story teller 
Aug 4 (Sun)    12:30pm                               Ethan Jones                         Folk

Aug 9 (Fri)       11am – 1pm                       Arnaz                                     Acoustic Folk Rock
Aug 10 (Sat)   10am – noon                     Michelle Allen                     Folk
Aug 10 (Sat)   12:30pm                              Brian David Collins            Singer/Songwriter                   

Aug 11 (Sun)  10am – noon                     Morgan Sacco                    
Aug 11 (Sun)  2:30pm                              Dr. Jim & Mr. Joe               Old School Blues and R & B                          

Folks Festival
Aug 16 (Fri) 9:30am Finally Sound Folk Rock/Country/Jazz
Aug 16 (Fri) 11:30am The Brothers Footman Rock/Funk/Soul
Aug 17 (Sat) 9:30am Andrew Sturtz & Courtly Carpenter Folk/Jazz/Soul
Aug 18 (Sun)          9am                                       Billy Shaddox                      American Folk Music
Aug 19 (Mon)        9:30am                                Emily Barnes                       Folk

Aug 24 (Sat)           10am – noon                      Sara Santesteban/Nevara             Pop/Americana
Aug 24 (Sat)           12:30pm – 2:30pm         Rico Jones Trio                   Jazz
Aug 25 (Sun)          10am – noon                      A Human named David       Pianist/Story teller
Aug 25 (Sun)          12:30pm                               Eugene Tyler Band           Americana-Folk-Indie Rock
Aug 31 (Sat)           10am – noon                      Harmony and Brad           Acoustic Pop-Rock
Aug 31 (Sat)           12:30pm                               Joe Teichman                     Alt Country/Folk/Americana

In the Gallery - July & August
Ed Ward

Artist’s Statement

Edwin Forrest Ward

I am a folk artist. Self-taught. My watercolor inks on Arches Papier are created with what Navajo rug weavers call eye dazzlers in mind, meaning my imagery is meant to work, first and foremost, on a visual level. I like to think my imagery at least squiggles if not dazzles. In fact, some artist friends have characterized my work as squiggle-ism, a most modern distant cousin of pointillism. I'd agree. Because I believe the experience of art should be gratifying and burden-less (as opposed to didactic or challenging or inflammatory), I attach no hidden, intellectual, moral or political agenda to my imagery. Bob Dylan once said: "It's for myself and my friends my stories are sung." Ditto for my watercolors.

Colorado Dazzlers – July & August, 2019 Art Show at The Stone Cup