The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Kitchen is Open From 7am - 2pm!

Pickin' and Painting


March 2 - 10am – noon, Harmony & Brad, Acoustic Pop-Rock
March 3 - 10am – noon, Finally Sound, Folk Rock/Country/Jazz

March 9 - 10am – noon, Thomas Gronberg, Folk
March 10 - 10am – noon, Billy Shaddox, American Folk Music

March 16 - 10am – noon, Enion Pelta Tiller, Classical
March 17 - 10am – noon, Curtis T, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Alt Rock

March 23 - 10am – noon, Emily Barnes, Folk
March 24 - 10am - noon, Kevin Dooley, Acoustic Blues, Irish

March 30 - 10am – noon, Fort Vine,  Indie-Folk-Rock
March 31 - 10am - noon, Alex Smith, Folk/Americana                                              

In the Gallery - March
Betsy Wells - Soul Logo

Artist’s Bio

Betsy Wells has been an artist her entire life. Recently, she realized the feel of magic marker on paper is timelessly, deeply satisfying. This simple doodling revelation has lead her to create a collection of drawings that were each joyful adventures in color and form. Each piece emerged with its own calling of texture and style, and took on a poster-like quality. Each drawing became a logo of sorts, for an emotion or sentiment or moment in time.