The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Kitchen is open from 7am - 2pm!

Pickin' and Painting

Live Music

August 4 – 10am - noon, Antonio Lopez, Modern Folk/Acoustic Soul
August 4 - 12:30pm, Dakota Gray, Americana/Bluegrass/Folk
August 5 - 10am - noon, A Human named David (David Berg), Pianist/Story teller
August 5 - 12:30pm, Miriam McQueen, Old Soul/Folk
August 8 - 11am - 2pm, Arnaz, Acoustic Folk Rock
August 11 - 10am - noon, Harmony & Brad, Acoustic Pop-Rock
August 11 - 12:30pm, Rachel Price, Pop/Rock/R&B
August 12 - 10am - noon, Ryan Hutchens, Americana/Folk
August 12 - 12:30pm, Jay Stott & Friends, Americana

Folks Festival
August 17 - 9:30am - noon, David Williams, Americana/Gypsy Jazz/Folk/Country
August 18 - 9am, Ran Off the Rooster, Americana/Folk/Bluegrass
August 19 - 9am, Billy Shaddox, American Folk Music
August 19 - 12:30pm, Emily Basez, World Folk
August 20 - 9am – noon, Dahlby & Nadine, Americana/Folk

August 25 - 10am - noon, Anji Kat, Folk/Rock Singer-songwriter
August 25, 12:30pm, David Burchfield, American Folk
August 26, 10am - noon, Andrew Sturtz, Folk/Jazz/Soul
August 26, 12:30pm, Emily Barnes, Folk

In the Gallery - Brent Hollingsead
July & August

Artist's Bio

Brent Hollingsead is a Lyons, Colorado based impressionist artist who’s multitude of works play with texture, layering, abstraction and spontaneity. A graduate of Wittenberg University’s Fine Arts program, he has translated his lifelong passion for art into his professional career as a graphic designer which is often reflected back in the dimensionality of each painting. From her serenity to her wrath, all expressions of nature inspire the core of Brent’s work. Today, he is emerging as a seasoned artist with a passion for expressing authenticity in each brushstroke.