The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Pickin' and Painting


June 1, 10am – noon, Harmony and Brad, Acoustic Pop-Rock                          
June 2, 10am – noon, Landward Rogues, Blue-mericana celti-jazz
June 2 , 12:30pm, Old Fuss & Feathers, Medicinal Americana

June 8, 10am – noon, Leaders of the Heart, Folk
June 8, 12:30pm - 2:30pm, Ethan Jones, Folk
June 9, 10am – noon, Billy Shaddox, American Folk Music
June 9, 12:30pm, Oh Like WOW, Gypsy Folk Jazz Band

June 15, 10am – noon, Jeff White, Acoustic Roots Soul Music
June 15, 12:30pm, Brian David Collins, Singer/Songwriter          
June 16, 10am – noon, Emily Barnes, Folk
June 16, 12:30, Chuck Crowe, Rock/Pop/Country

June 22, 10am - noon,  Kevin Dooley,  Acoustic Blues, Irish
June 22, 12:30pm, Joe Teichman, Alt Country/Folk/Americana
June 23, 10am – noon, Thomas Gronberg, Folk
June 23, 12:30pm, Finally Sound, Folk Rock/Country/Jazz

June 29, 10am – noon, Brandon Harris, Funk/Indie/Jazz
June 29, 12:30pm, Sara Santesteban, Pop/Americana
June 30, 10am – noon, Laurie Dameron & Lorrie Baum, Jazz/Blues/Latin/Country
June 30, 12:30pm, Dominick Antonelli, Folk                                        

In the Gallery - May & June
Jocelyn Farrell

Artist’s Statement

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 12.40.16 PM.png

My paintings explore a combination of modern abstract expressionism with a hint of realism. I love to layer full-bodied colors to create texture and offer a bold perspective of both landscapes and the female image. Having always loved original paintings of landscapes, the human body and color, my work is an expression of the way I view and experience life and the world around me.

I work with both acrylic and oil paints. The majority of my paintings are created using palette knives and brushes, without a preconceived idea of what will appear.

I find that the landscape paintings change and develop unplanned and without expectation. Somewhere in the process, I see forests, reflections, oceans, rivers, canyon walls and sunsets. I am connected to the landscapes around me, and from my white-water rafting adventures with my family in the deep canyons of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

In some paintings, I draw motivation from the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys where I spent many summers as a child.

The bold female nude paintings are from my Goddess Series. This collection of work was born out of the current political environment, the Women’s March, and the #metoo movement. I have been inspired to paint the female nude to express the power, spirit and vibrancy all women possess no matter size, shape or skin tone. To me, a woman’s imperfections are what truly make her beautiful.

As an artist, my primary goal is for the viewer to have the impulse to reach out, imagine touching the surface, and to connect with the people and places I’ve created in my paintings.

It’s great to have my art hanging again at The Stone Cup. My first show was displayed here several years ago. I hope you enjoy the new pieces on display!

My home and studio are in Lyons, Colorado.