The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Kitchen is Open From 7am - 2pm!

Pickin' and Painting

Live Music

Feb 2 - 10am – noon, Harmony & Brad, Acoustic Pop-Rock

Feb 3 - 10am – noon, Jesse DeVelis, Americana, Folk, Soft Rock

Feb 9 - 10am – noon, Lucas Miller, Bluegrass/Americana         

Feb 10 - 10am – noon, Ally Westover, Eclectic Singer/Songwriter

Feb 16 - 10am – noon, John Mieras, Folk, Singer/Songwriter                                   

Feb 17 - 10am – noon, Niya Nolting & Kris Nickeson, Jazz, Blues, Rock

Feb 23 - 10am – noon, Sugar Moon, Bluegrass             

Feb 24 - 10am – noon,  Enion Pelta Tiller, Classical                                                    

In the Gallery - January & February
Rachel Tallent - The Multitudinous

 Multitudinous - /ˌməltəˈt(y)o͞od(ə)nəs/ - adjective

1.     Including a multitude of individuals
2.     Existing in great multitude
3.     Existing in or consisting of innumerable elements or aspects
4.     Vast

The Universe in unfathomable. So often the news today is unfathomable. So often the way we behave as human beings is unfathomable, for better or worse. A constant is this: we are all human, we deserve love, and kindness. We certainly deserve to express ourselves in whatever way we see fit. In a MUTLITUDE of ways.

 Art is never one thing, but millions of tiny things slapped together into a piece of work admired and enjoyed in no specific number of ways. It is creativity, hope, strength, joy, sadness, pain, and nakedness laid bare. Sometimes it is all of these things. A vast, ever expanding story. Sometimes it is a wide, shining smile. Extraordinary in its simplicity.

 Art is what it is.

 Me, Myself and I, well… we just want to put a smile on your face, a bit of hope in your heart and a little shove off the edge to help your imagination soar.