The Stone Cup in Lyons, Colorado ~ the perfect view of the Rockies!

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The Stone Cup Cafe - Environmentally Conscious

When Mindy and Sam Tallent bought the Stone Cup in 2004 they decided they wanted the café to help build community and care for the planet. They worked with the Root Systems Institute on innovative ways to reduce the café's impact on the environment (and they’re pretty cool as well).

  • We offset our energy use with renewable, non-polluting wind energy. Even the solar powered golf cart is "off grid".
  • We have a comprehensive recycling and composting program. From eggshells to cups and plates, we keep as much as we can out of the landfills.
  • The milk in our lattes, mochas, pastries and everything else is free of added hormones.
  • Cage free eggs make our baked goods consciously delicious.
  • Coffee cups--those not created by our local pottery artist--are fully compostable as are our to-go boxes.
  • A unique plastic made from corn is the base for our compostable smoothie cups, straws, lids, forks, spoons and knives.
  • Our biodegradable and compostable plates are made from sugar cane. (Pretty sweet!)
  • " We've even gone so far as to eliminate flies in the summer by planting pots of basil, a natural deterrent, around windows and doorways. Nothing like trading pesticides for pesto.


Our local transportation is 100% off grid! By adding a 120-watt solar photovoltaic roof to the Stone Cup golf cart, we haven't had to plug in yet!

For information on how you can solarize and UNPLUG your golf cart, RV or boat, click here.

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for the month of April :
A collection of fantasy.

7am - 4pm


James Faulk
Folk-Classic Rock
Saturday, April 26
10:30am - 1pm

Sarah Caton
Sunday, April 27
9am - Noon

Lori Flynn
Saturday, May 3
9am - Noon

Teddy Carr
Fiddling Star
Sunday, May 4
9am - Noon

James Faulk
Folk-Classic Rock
Saturday, May 10
10:30am - 1pm

Bella Musser
Indie Rock-Alternative
Sunday, May 11
10am - 1pm

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